TRU Advisory Services (“TRU”), advisory wing of TR Upadhya & Co., company established in 1971, Chartered Accountants, a company established in 2014 under the laws of Nepal with the objective of providing financial advisory services. It is expertise in the field of accounting, taxation, laws, management, corporate and financial and advisory sectors. It is an independent business advisory company with energetic and dedicated teams to helping organizations manage change, mitigate risk, and support financial, legal, regulatory, reputational and transactional activities.

We are uniquely positioned to integrate in-depth expertise in international accounting and business practices with local know how. The objective of TRU is to provide services of the highest possible standard to companies in Nepal and also bring an international perspective to the management of their business. Additionally, TRU aims to create value to its clients, bring competitive advantage to their activities, and help clients to find opportunities for tax savings that will have significant impact on the financial statements.

We have a energetic and multidisciplinary team headed by dynamic leadership who believe in delivering high quality of services and ensure efficient results with the highest standards of reliability, confidentiality and transparency. Driven by a passion for this field, we seek to work with business leaders and achieve business excellence through institutionalization of the appropriate solutions that help an organization to meet its specific needs.

TRU provides professional services to organizations across a variety of industry groups - financial services, banking, power and energy, infrastructure, manufacturing and trading, communication, government, non-profit and philanthropic organizations and many more.